Cory is an amazing doula! Even though I found her really late in my second pregnancy she still supported me. I didn't have a doula with my first and the experience was awful, so I was so glad to have Cory with me this time. She helps with researching things you have questions about so you can make an informed decision for yourself, and she does a great job with that and just answering anything you have questions about. Plus during labor she helped massage painful muscles, and since she knew all my preferences was able to speak to the nurses/doctor on my behalf when I was unable to speak. She has a really sweet and friendly personality and I can't recommend her highly enough!

-Charity A., Silverthorne, CO

We have immense, immense gratitude for the support Cory provided us during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond! While the depth of her knowledge and wisdom served us incredibly well, it was really the depth of her compassion and strength that made everything feel so peaceful (as the name of her company implies!). Like most women, I was so anxious about what labor and delivery would be like. Thanks to Cory though, I was never fearful or stressed when the time came to give birth. Specifically, during the 3.5 hours I was pushing Cory was steadfast in her support. She knew exactly what to say and do! I also credit so much of my success with breastfeeding to Cory. We cannot imagine our birth story without Cory and will forever be grateful for the role she played.

-Reed H., Leadville, CO

Cory made our birth experience feel empowered, calm and her help was beyond what we even expected. I didn’t have a doula for my first child and having her this time made such a difference. She is a warm, caring, strong, sweet person who made sure she knew what my husband and I wanted out our birth experience and she worked to make it happen. From her prenatal appointments with us when she made homemade muffins to the postpartum visit when she brought self care goodies, it’s evident how much she really cares. She even drove my placenta to meet the woman who encapsulated it for me! When my son had to be taken to the NICU she was a source of support and encouragement, which meant the world to us. My husband said her presence in the delivery room gave him a sense of calm and confidence. She is a God send and I am so thankful she was a part of our sweet Leo’s arrival and that I now consider her a friend.

-Stephanie B., Dillon, CO

Cory is a wonderful doula! She really lets you run the show and supports your agenda for the birth of your child. Cory really got to know us well and provided intuitive and personalized support to both me and my husband during our pregnancy, as we prepared for labor and delivery, during the birth of our child and even for months afterwards. She is kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting without being pushy or overly opinionated. We found her to be an invaluable member of our birthing team and would recommend her to anyone!

-Katie B., Denver, CO

After searching for a doula up in Summit County, which is limited, I was so excited when Cory was referred to me.   Being a single mother by choice I knew I would need support during my delivery from someone who not only has experienced birth twice but who has helped other women through their experiences.  When we met in person she was so personable and I just knew she was someone I felt comfortable having in the delivery room with me.  

The second time we met we went over everything I wanted, she provided me with information and answered all my questions.  We were supposed to meet one more time prior to my birth but my son decided to come three weeks early.  Luckily Cory was available three weeks early and came to the hospital right away.  She was with me and documented my entire 30 hour labor.  She answered questions when I had them and was a great sound board when offered options by the nurses and doctors I hadn’t prepared for.  Cory walked the halls with me for hours and was not only great company but kept me calm.  When my contractions became more intense she paid attention to my shoulders when I would tense up.  Strange as it may sound but relaxing as much as possible during contractions really makes them more manageable and having Cory there to notice and remind me really helped.  She knew what I needed even though I had no idea and coached me through the tougher contractions.   It was also nice having someone there to tell me that what I was experiencing was normal as I didn’t get to the labor part of the book with my son coming so early.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted concerning the documentation of the birth but I’m so glad Cory was there to document it all as it was nice reflecting back on that day.  The doctors are so focused on the baby and everything else happening it was nice to know Cory was focusing on me.  She noticed when I was losing energy and offered to take the baby as I couldn’t hold him much longer.  

Cory was so thoughtful and dropped off soup and muffins after I was home with the baby.  I would highly recommend Cory to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, calming support during their delivery.

-Jill M., Frisco, CO 

My husband and I were expecting our first and wanted to do a water birth at Baby + Co. As we started to take our birthing classes, we both realized we were out of our element. We needed help!! But not just any help, we wanted to help someone help us. We specifically wanted a training doula. I emailed a few different doulas in search of the perfect one for our family. 

We found "Not Crunchy" Cory! From the first email I knew that she was the one I wanted to be with me at my birth. Not only because she was willing to take us on despite my due date being the same week of Thanksgiving, but also because she was the right kind of energy for us.

Cory was on the same page we were in terms of cord cutting, bathing, etc. which just solidified that we had made the right choice. She never pushed anything on us or told us that our choices were wrong. As a first-time mom, that is worth its weight in GOLD!

She frequently checked in with us as my due date neared and had visited with us twice before to calm our nerves about what an unmediated birth would "feel" like. We practiced different pressure points and positions that we could utilize, and talked about what to do when I went into labor.

Little did I know she would be the reason we had our dream water birth instead of a hotel birth. I had an incredibly quick labor and told Cory at 3 PM I needed her to join me. She arrived around 5 PM and by 7:27 PM we had a baby. All those pressure points and positions we discussed went out the door! I didn’t want to be touched and she totally respected that. She ended up being there just to support my husband and I and tell us that we needed to head to the birth center NOW! 

Fast forward to our postpartum visit and she was so helpful I didn’t want her to leave. She is now a friend and a resource that I can utilize whenever I have any questions. She has been such a lifesaver, I cannot imagine going through this without her. She is simply amazing!!

Kristina K., Littleton, CO

"When I first spoke to Cory, I instantly knew that she was the Doula for us! After meeting her, my feelings were confirmed! Cory was amazing during labor, she has the perfect combination of a strong presence that is not overwhelming and complimented my husband perfectly. She also respected my wishes of wanting a natural birth and would remind me that I did not need pain medication when I was in my low moments. The strength that she displayed for me allowed me to get through labor completely medication free. Since my husband and I do not have family in the Denver area, I strongly believe I would have had a much longer labor had Cory not been by my side."

-Miya H., Parker, CO 

"After much consideration, my husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first child. I wanted someone who could provide support for both my husband and myself, and help make decisions in case our birth plan didn't go quite as expected. We met with several doula's and when we met Cory, we knew she was the one. She had such a warm demeanor, and was so knowledgeable with all our questions. We felt like we were in good hands in choosing her. Labor did not go as expected and was very long and hard for me, and I am SO thankful we had Cory by our side the whole time. I could not have done it without her. She kept me calm, helped me stay focused, and helped me cope with some unexpected circumstances that arrived that weren't on our birth plan. I am so glad we had her with us. Looking back I don't think there is any way we could have made it through without her. Was great to have someone with us who had the experience and knowledge we were looking for."

-Nicki M., Littleton, CO 

"Cory was incredible. From the moment we met her we knew we wanted her to be a part of our birth experience. Her genuinely warm personality was calming & comforting during our prior meetings as well as throughout the big day. She helped us feel empowered & confident that we could complete a natural birth-& we did! She was readily available to communicate & continues to check in & be supportive post labor as well. It was an honor to share this amazing experience with her."

- Callie M., Arvada, CO 

"Giving birth was the most challenging and empowering experience of my life, and my husband and I both agree that we wouldn’t have been able to go through it with naturally without Cory!  The meetings prior to labor beginning were so informative, offered a chance for my Joe and I to get on the same page, learn techniques to get through contractions and allowed the three of us to build relationships.  One of the most important gifts she was able to give me in this process of preparing for labor, was that I went into it feeling genuinely calm, excited and open to whatever type of experience I was meant to have, but committed to having a natural birth if circumstances allowed. Once labor progressed, Cory arrived at our house armed with animal crackers and Gatorade and for the next 18 or so hours, she was attentive, so encouraging and calm.  There was a point when I was doubting myself and was considering medication, and she offered words of encouragement, helped me keep moving- whether it was to try a new position or take a shower and gently reminded me to not tense up or raise my voice.   She didn’t let me dwell in my doubt but I knew she would support whatever choice I ultimately made.  Even though I was not really aware of most of what was going on during labor, I knew Cory was also helping Joe be the most supportive and loving husband he could be.  I wanted him at my side the entire time- and he was, helping me and loving me each step of the way.  Since our daughter’s birth, I have never felt closer with or more loved from my husband and Cory’s presence helped make that possible.  Lastly, after our daughter Adela was born, Cory remained steady and was my advocate.  I was exhausted, in pain and in absolute awe of my little girl and Joe was going back and forth between Adela and me.  Cory helped see our birth preferences through, pushed back on the tests we didn’t want and made sure skin to skin and breast feeding happened as soon as possible and lasted as long as possible.  I feel so very fortunate to have had the birth experience I had and believe strongly that birth is the type of experience that takes preparation and warrants some extra support- and a doula provides all that and more! Having Cory as a part of our birth allowed us to make the experience as much of our own as possible and I couldn’t recommend Cory more highly!  Thank you for everything Cory!!"

- Kassie M., Denver, CO