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Just a bit about me...

I’m Cory Andersen and I’ve almost completed by doula certification with DONA International, the oldest and largest doula organization in the world. Last spring, I completed an intensive 17 hour birth doula workshop, a breastfeeding class and a childbirth for doulas class. Additionally, I have read numerous books on childbirth and postpartum. Next, I need to compile everything and submit to DONA.  

I decided to become a doula because of my two birth experiences. With the help of doulas, I was able to have positive birth experiences that helped build confidence both in myself and my body. Additionally, our doulas were so helpful to my husband and he found having an extra set of hands was both calming and necessary at many points. 

I created Peaceful Peak Doula to help you on your birth journey. As your birth doula I am a source of physical, emotional and informational support. I strive to be a calming presence to help you have the best birth experience possible. 

I'm originally from Michigan. My husband and I have lived in Colorado for 12 years. We lived in Denver for a number of years and recently moved to Summit County to further embrace our love for the outdoors and raise our family in a small town. 

 I love to ski, hike, bike, camp and be in nature. We love to show our two boys all of the beauty and fun our state has to offer. I'm a triathlete and completed IRONMAN Mont Tremblant in 2012. I also play the ukulele, but please don't ask me to sing! 

Like climbing a mountain, childbirth will be one of your greatest adventures yet. I would be honored to partner with you on this journey.