How to Pick Your Summit County Doula

Living in the mountains is pretty amazing. The fresh air and access to the outdoors creates the perfect atmosphere for an adventure-filled pregnancy.

Just like the perfect skiing or hiking buddy, having a doula to encourage, support, and cheer you on during the journey is incredibly valuable and makes your entire pregnancy experience that much more positive. Doulas can help reduce your labor time, decrease your need for medication, and increase the positive feelings associated with your birth. Sounds awesome, right?!

Choosing the right doula can at first seem daunting, so here are a few tips on how to pick a doula in beautiful Summit County, Colorado.

  1. Interview A Few

    Picking a doula is kind of like dating, you don’t marry the first person, right? So, take the time to get to know a few local doulas. You want to feel incredibly comfortable with your doula. She should almost immediately help you feel relaxed, comfortable and that you can totally be yourself, and of course fully answers all of your questions. You should ask your prospective doula about her philosophy, why she chose to become a doula, and how she supports her clients before, during, and after labor and delivery.

  2. Consider the Doula’s Training

    How many birth’s has the doula attended? What training did she undergo? How does she stay current with her skills and the latest research? Is she certified with a national or international organization like DONA International?

  3. Understand the Full Scope of Services

    What is the doula’s fee? How does your doula support you? How many times will you meet in person? What type of access do you to your doula during pregnancy and postpartum? What resources will your doula provide? Does your doula work with back-up support in case of emergency?

  4. Trust Your Instinct

    Finally, trust your instinct. Your doula absolutely should add to your experience and help make your birth one of the best days of your life (even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned!) So, pick a doula that “feels right.” Parenthood is filled with so many opportunities to rely on your instincts, so start today.