The long hill...

Today, we went for a family bike ride from Frisco to Copper Mountain, CO. My husband pulled our almost 4 year old son in the Weehoo. And, I pulled our 15 month old son in the Chariot bike trailer. If you haven't ridden from Frisco to Copper, it's basically one long deceptively steep hill that goes on for basically six miles. The trail is right along the river and the views are quite nice. Then, you get to Copper and it's pretty much downhill back to Frisco. 

This mama is not in the best shape and it's something I get down on myself about. After completing an Ironman in 2012, I have this perhaps unrealistic expectation that my fitness from that time period is what I should maintain now (with two kids in tow). Crazy, well - maybe just a little...

Anyway, we were rolling along on this hill THAT WILL NOT END and my brain started asking all sorts of questions - Why am I riding so slow? Why is this trailer so heavy? Why am I breathing so hard? Why don't I exercise more so this is easier? Why. Why. Why.

Then, I look up (as I'm panting) to see this older woman on a bike coming from the other direction. She's giving me a thumbs up and says "Yay! Good for you, Mama! Almost there!" Then, all of a sudden, I took a deep breath, smiled and my legs didn't feel nearly as heavy. Shortly thereafter we had made it to the top and coasted our way down to Copper. 

This woman totally changed my attitude and gave me the confidence to finish the hill.

It reminded me of this new adventure in supporting women during birth. Sometimes all that is needed to take the pain away is a smile and the reminder that you are stronger than you think. I hope that I'll be able to be that kind voice for lots of other mamas. 

Thanks kind woman on the bike path. You made my day.